Submarine Technology

From its incredible intelligence gathering capabilities to its sophisticated sensors and weapons, the Collins Class submarine is packed with advanced technology.

Step on board the Collins Class

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World Class Capability World Class Capability

World-class capability

The Collins Class is a fast and flexible vessel, capable of fulfilling a range of maritime military tasks. With its stealth technology, whisper-quiet propulsion, powerful sensors and ability to loiter un-detected in an opponent's operating area for extended periods, it is one of the world's most capable anti-submarine and anti-ship platforms.

Future Capability Future Capability

Future capability

Work is currently underway to design and build 12 new submarines to replace the Collins Class. To ensure superior capability they will incorporate many state-of-the-art systems and features. This expansion of the Fleet provides exciting employment opportunities across the service, in areas such as maritime warfare (the route to becoming a Captain), engineering and logistics.

Jolly Roger Jolly Roger

Our Jolly Roger tradition

Following the sinking of its first enemy warship in World War 1, a submarine returned to harbour proudly flying a Jolly Roger as a cheeky 'dig' at a Naval Commander who declared that submarines were "underhand, underwater and damned un-English". The tradition continues to this day, with the flag flown each time a submarine returns home from a successful wartime patrol or an exercise involving torpedo firing practice.