Submariner Pay & Benefits

Job security, memorable experiences and a sense of pride are just the start. As a Submariner you’ll also receive a competitive salary plus additional allowances, generous superannuation and a range of benefits.

Much more than just a good salary

People become Submariners for the career opportunities, the exciting lifestyle, the friends they make for life, and the unique team environment. But the Navy offers many financial benefits too.

Base Salary

As a qualified Submariner, you'll receive a base salary of at least $51,220 per year depending on your specific category and rank.

Uniform Allowance

Uniform Allowance of $419 per year is paid to assist in maintaining your uniforms in good order and condition

Service Allowance

The Service Allowance is paid to all Submariners in recognition of the special demands and challenges of life in the Australian Defence Force. You will receive $13,448 per year.

submarine allowance submarine allowance

Submarine allowance

This allowance is paid to qualified Submariners in recognition of the difficulties and hardships of living and working on a submarine. It's the Submarine Service equivalent of a Seagoing Allowance, but it is a higher amount. The allowance awarded is linked to the time you have served at sea and increases as you spend more years there. It starts at $17,598 per year and rises every year. You must have completed all the training necessary to qualify for your Dolphins to receive this allowance. After nine years of Submariner service an additional $50,000 a year is awarded as Submarine Capability Assurance Payment.

Broad range of benefits

Submariners receive the same perks and benefits enjoyed by all Navy personnel.

Free healthcare and subsidised accommodation 

Receive free medical and dental services, plus help with rent or home purchase.

A great work/life balance

Work regular hours when on base, leaving plenty of time to pursue family and other interests.

Time off and away

Take four weeks annual leave plus additional circumstantial leave such as compassionate and parental.

Excellent leisure facilities

Relax and unwind on base, enjoying food, drink, games and special events and activites.

Travel across Australia and overseas

On exercises and deployments, discover new places and engage with local communities.

Hunanitarian and community-support work

Enjoy the personal rewards of assisting communities affected by conflict or natural disasters.