Experience a Unique Workplace


Gain transferable skills that benefit you for life.


Make friends for life in a supportive environment.


Explore the world, its people and cultures.

Submariner Lifestyle

An enriched and varied life

During your time as a Submariner you’ll get to socialise and play sports on base and explore the places you visit when at sea. You'll have a great work/life balance and get to work with your mates every day.

Submariner Training

Training that takes you places

The Navy's world-class training will equip you with all the skills and resources you need to work with a close-knit team on a submarine. The skills you learn are transferable and will set you up for life.

Submariner Pay & Benefits

Much more than just pay and perks

Job security, memorable experiences and a sense of pride are just the start. As a Submariner you’ll also receive a competitive salary plus additional allowances, generous superannuation and a range of benefits.

Submarine Technology

Technology that gives us the edge

From its intelligence gathering capabilities to its sensors and weapons, the Collins Class submarine is packed with advanced technology. As a Submariner you’ll work with high-tech equipment on a daily basis.

Any questions?

You probably have a lot of questions about serving on a submarine. If you can’t find the answers here, just get in touch.

Can anyone become a Submariner?

Every Submariner role is open to anyone with the right character, qualities and education, regardless of gender and height. Check out individual job pages for the qualifications required.

How many people will I work with?

Your shipmates will include around 50 sailors and 10 officers. That may sound a lot in one place, but you’ll have your own sleeping area and there’s enough room to move about, relax and exercise during your time off.

Your training will prepare you for the challenges of living and working in close quarters with your colleagues.

How long will I spend at sea and what are the hours?

This can vary. You could be alongside various ports within Australia or overseas for some time, or if your submarine is on a training cycle you might go to sea in the week and be back home for weekends. On the other hand, if your submarine deploys overseas, your time at sea will be longer depending on the final destination.

When in port you’ll generally work an eight-hour day. You’ll be required to stay overnight on board about once a week to maintain the security and safety of the submarine. When at sea, the shifts (called ‘watches’) are six hours on, six hours off for most crewmembers.

What’s the food like on a submarine?

You’ll be served four substantial and nutritious meals a day – breakfast, lunch, dinner and a meal in the middle of the night if on watch. You will have a choice of mains plus a dessert, and special dietary requirements are catered for. See some typical menus on the Submariner Lifestyle page.

What will I be doing onboard and how can I stay fit at sea?

You’ll have your specific job to perform, but as a Submariner you will have multiple roles to cover – which adds great variety to your time at sea.

When not working you can use the on-board exercise equipment – which generally includes an exercise bike, rowing machine, cross trainer, weights, and boxing gloves, pads and bag, with some space for a variety of callisthenic exercises such as push ups and sit ups. Alternatively, you may wish to kick back with a book, movie or game, or simply catch up with your shipmates.