Experience a Unique Workplace


Gain transferable skills that benefit you for life.


Enjoy amazing mateship in a supportive team environment.


Explore the world, its people and cultures.

Submariner Pay & Benefits

Much more than just pay and perks

Job security, memorable experiences and a sense of pride are just the start. As a Submariner you’ll also receive competitive pay plus additional allowances and benefits.

Submariner Life

An enriched and varied lifestyle

During your time as a Submariner you’ll get to socialise and keep fit, play a variety of sports and explore the places you visit when at sea. You'll have a great work/life balance and get to work with your mates every day.

Submariner Skills & Training

Training that takes you places

World-class Navy training will equip you with all the skills and resources you need to work with a close-knit team on a submarine. Once qualified you'll be awarded your highly prestigious Dolphins badge.

About Submarines

Technology that gives us the edge

From its incredible intelligence gathering capabilities to its sophisticated sensors and weapons, the Collins Class submarine is packed with advanced technology.

How to Join

The route to a rewarding job

Your first step on the path to a uniquely fulfilling Submariner role is to get in touch by phone, online, or in person – or simply hit the Apply Now button.