COVID-19 Updates

The latest information regarding COVID-19 and Defence Force Recruiting

COVID-19 Updates COVID-19 Updates
Defence Force Recruiting Remains Open for Business.

Defence Force Recruiting is open for business. Defence continues to offer exciting jobs and progress candidates through the recruitment process. The COVID-19 pandemic remains a constantly evolving situation and we have made some changes to our business in order to safeguard the health of our candidates, staff and the wider Australian community.

Defence Force Recruiting has moved to virtual YOU sessions, including online aptitude testing and phone careers coach interviews. We have introduced virtual Psychology and Defence Interviews using video platforms, and are looking at how we can deliver our medical assessments in a safe and effective manner. Fitness assessments are being conducted in line with state and territory requirements, and family attendance at enlistment/appointment ceremonies is dependent on allowed social group size.

Where face to face interaction is required, Recruiting Centres across Australia are taking precautions in line with Government advice, personal protective equipment is being used (as applicable) with social distancing measures applied. All Recruiting Centres are pre-screening candidates using a questionnaire and conducting temperature checks on arrival.

Our call centre is operating, providing the same great level of service our candidates have always appreciated. Please call 13 19 02 with any queries about the status of your application. We’ll continue to make updates to the recruitment process, rolling out more digital solutions. We will keep you informed of changes and we thank you for your patience while we work through this together. Our approach to implementing COVID-19 protocols will continue to be iterative and deliberative.

Is Defence Force Recruiting taking new applications?

Yes! Defence continues to offer exciting job roles and is progressing applications; the COVID-19 pandemic remains a constantly evolving situation and we have made some changes to our recruitment process in order to safeguard the health of our candidates, staff and the wider Australian community. Find out what jobs are available now, visit

Can I use my year 11 results to apply for ADFA?

Applying for ADFA is a competitive, dual application process via Defence Force Recruiting and UNSW. An Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) is required for entry to UNSW Canberra programs at ADFA. All inquiries regarding your university application should be directed to UNSW Student Administration at or 02 6268 6000. UNSW Canberra at ADFA offers a range of outstanding academic programs. For more information, check out the application process and entry requirements here.

Will I have to attend a Recruiting Centre?

There remain key stages in the recruitment process where you will need to attend a Recruiting Centre. This includes elements of your psychological and medical assessment and your Enlistment or Appointment. You will be advised when you are required to attend. Be assured, where face-to-face interaction is required Defence Force Recruiting is screening individuals attending our centres prior to arrival and ensuring social distancing measures are applied within the centre. Defence Force Recruiting is also limiting the number of people in attendance at our Recruiting Centres at any time.

How will YOU and Information Sessions proceed?

Defence Force Recruiting has moved to a virtual YOU session, comprised of two components. When you submit an application, you will be sent a link to the Online Aptitude Test. This Aptitude Test must be completed on a desktop or laptop computer, it is not enabled for completion on a mobile or tablet device. On completion of the aptitude testing, a Defence Force Recruiting member will contact you to schedule a phone based career coaching session to discuss the results of your test, and jobs you may be suited to.

Our digital team is continuing to refine our information session process, with a blended delivery model of both virtual and in-centre sessions, based on social distancing requirements.

How will Defence Force Recruiting conduct PFAs?

The conduct of Pre-Enlistment Fitness Assessments is aligned with current COVID-19 status in each geographical location and State/Territory regulations. Further information will be provided by your enlistment co-ordinator and careers coach about the requirements for your situation. Remember regular exercise is an important part of service life, and you will need to be able to meet the standard fitness requirements when you arrive at your initial military training establishment. Make sure you stay healthy and fit with home based or isolation exercises.

Are OSBs and ASPs still being conducted?

The Aviation Screening Program (ASP) is being delivered in a dispersed model around Australia rather than in Victoria. Defence Force Recruiting will contact candidates to schedule ASPs when the screening is available in your State.

Officer Selection Boards (OSB) are still being conducted adhering with the latest Government advice. A virtual board using technological platforms have been implemented to replace face to face boards where necessary. Further information will be provided by your enlistment co-ordinator.

Are enlistment and appointment ceremonies still happening?

Enlistment and appointment ceremonies are still occurring in-line with Government and State/Territory health requirements. Defence Force Recruiting will help you capture your proud moment so you can share it with friends and family, when social distancing requirements prevent them from attending. Defence Force Recruiting is assessing travel arrangements for each course, and will ensure movement plans meet health and travel guidelines at the time. Further information about your enlistment will be provided by your enlistment coordinator.

I’m trying to contact 13 19 01 or 13 19 02 and can’t get through. Is there someone else I can contact?

The Candidate Relationship Management Centre is our primary point of contact for candidate enquiries. If you already have phone or e-mail contact details for your local Defence Force Recruiting Centre you may wish to contact them directly. Defence Force Recruiting thanks you for your patience while we work through this together.

Where can I find more information?

Further information on jobs available and the application process is available at: