Women in the Navy

Across every one of our 60 roles, the Navy offers exciting career opportunities for women. We champion gender equality and provide a uniquely supportive working environment.

Career Equality Career Equality

Enjoy career equality

Today's Navy is an excellent career choice for women. You'll receive exactly the same training, vocational development and promotion opportunities as your male colleagues within a strict framework of equality.

We believe career development and rewards should be based on potential, effort and achievement; regardless of gender or cultural backgrounds.

Share an exciting lifestyle

When you're working ashore, most Navy jobs have regular hours, giving you plenty of opportunities to socialise, spend time with your family, and make the most of the extensive sports, fitness and leisure facilities on base.

A significant amount of time may be spent at sea. But here too your days will be structured to balance work time with relaxation; and most vessels feature plenty of exercise and entertainment equipment.

Receive support for family needs

Parents in the Navy are given the flexibility and support to manage their family commitments while continuing their career. This includes the provision of extended leave and part-time work options when appropriate, and the offer of alternative or 'on hold' career paths to accommodate changes in circumstances.

If you choose to start a family while serving, you'll have access to support programs run by the Defence Community Organisation, which include:

  • 24/7 support during deployment, relocation and time apart
  • Partner employment
  • Children's education services
  • Childcare, and
  • Crisis support.

Be paid to keep fit and healthy

It's important for Navy personnel to be fit enough to carry out their duties effectively, and keeping fit will be an integral part of your job. When at sea you'll have access to gym equipment and when ashore, you can enjoy a wide range of team sports on base along with pools and well-equipped fitness facilities.


This flexible enlistment pathway has been developed with the needs of female candidates seeking full-time roles in mind.

Enjoy a shorter commitment

As a female candidate, there are options available to you to join for a 2 year commitment.

For details of two additional pathways that are available to Indigenous Australian women, see our People & Diversity page. To find out more about any pathway, call
13 19 01 or contact a recruiter: