Naval Establishments

located all around Australia


Sailors and Officers

including 6,000+ Reserves


Vessels and Aircraft

from submarines to helicopters

Our Purpose & Work

Learn about what the Navy does and why

The Navy is tasked with the protection of Australia and her interests. This extends to keeping open the Sea Lines of Communication, which account for approximately 90% of all imports and exports.

Women in the Navy

Learn about our commitment to equality

Across every one of our 60 roles, the Navy offers exciting career opportunities for women. We champion gender equality and provide a uniquely supportive working environment.

People & Diversity

Read about Navy recruitment policies

Recruiting from a broad mix of cultural backgrounds, the Navy is committed to career equality. We provide a supportive environment for all personnel, including those with young families.

Navy Reserve

Serve Australia in a rewarding part-time role

Choose a part-time role that adds an exciting new dimension to your life and career; and offers flexible hours, tax-free pay, opportunities to travel and unique experiences.


Discover what gives us our technical edge

With advanced vessels ranging from patrol boats to multi-purpose frigates and amphibious ships, plus a fleet of high-tech helicopters, the Navy has technical capabilities that satisfy diverse strategic needs.


Learn about our traditions and proud service

Today's modern Navy can trace its roots back to 1788 and the colonisation of Australia. Our royal title was bestowed in 1911, and since then the Navy has been active in every ocean in the world.


See where you will work when you join us

Australia has a significant coastline to defend, so the Navy operates from bases located right around the country. Depending on your job, you'll work at sea with periods spent ashore.